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Flammable gas detectors GC20P-230V

JTO GC20P-230V detector is designed for the use in industrial and commercial settings. In the detector, we use a non-selective heated semiconductor sensor that reacts to the presence of a wide range of flammable gases and vapors. Precise adjusting for a specific application is achieved by calibration via required specific controlled substance. The field of application includes small boiler rooms, spaces for parking and rebuilding cars running on LPG, and various stores or technological businesses using flammable gases or substances.

The detector is a separate unit requiring 230 V / 50 Hz power supply and its output is two relays indicating whether the set level of the gas concentration is or is not exceeded. The detector comprises two separate outputs, allowing monitoring of two different levels of concentration.

Basic technical parameters

Supply voltage230 V / 50 Hz
Mechanical dimensions160x163x66 mm
Detectable gasflammable gases, such as methane, hydrogen, propane, etc.
Standard calibration gasmethane
Number of detected levels2