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Multifunctional Detector GD500

JTO The GD500 detector is a portable detector falling within the category of modern professional service equipment. It is designed especially for detection of sources of gas leaks. The actual device can be connected to a probe for measuring the gas temperature or gas pressure and more. The data are showed on a display and their exceeding is indicated by an acoustic signal. Simple presetting is done using the menu, similarly to a mobile phone setting.

The power supply is provided by internal batteries or an external AC adapter. The variability of the device allows creating various arrangements. Each customer chooses a probe according to their needs. The devices and probes selected by the customer are delivered in a hard plastic case.

New! New version (4.0 and up) of GD500 device is equiped with extended memory. Up to 32 measurements can be saved into its memory.

Click here to see the list of the probes for the GD500: Probes.

Basic technical parameters

Weightapprox 280 g
Mechanical dimensions84 x 157 x 30 mm
Power supplybuilt-in battery or AC adapter
Measured variablesflammable gases, CO, O2, pressure, temperature

Technical data sheet in PDF format for download here >>PDF list