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Carbon monoxide detectors GIC40N

GIC40 GIC40N detectors are designed to detect carbon monoxide in indoor spaces such as parking houses, boiler rooms, technological businesses etc. To measure the gas concentration the detectors use heated semiconductor sensor whose active substance changes its conductivity in the presence of CO. The signal from the sensor is evaluated in the detector electronics, which controls the output switches and the detector function according to the state of the sensor. The GIC40N type is a replacement for previous GIC40 type. Use GIC40N with external temperature comparator for GIC40T replacement.

The detectors are three-stage, thus allowing monitoring up to 3 different gas concentration levels simultaneously. As required for a particular application, only those levels that are required in a given case are usually used.

Basic technical parameters

Supply voltage12 or 24 V DC
Mechanical Dimensions115 x 103 x 35 mm
Detected gascarbon monoxide
Measurement speed1 delivery / 10 sec
Number of detected levels3

Technical data sheet in PDF format for download here >>PDF list