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Flammable gas concentration sensor GSC4N and GSC4K

JTO GSC4 is a simple flammable gas concentration sensor. It converts the flammable gas concentration in the air to a current signal with a typified range of 4 to 20 mA. This sensor can be used for a wide range of industrial control devices and control systems.

The GSC4 sensors are mainly used in places where the flammable gas concentration needs to be monitored continuously or at multiple levels, especially in garages, technological businesses and in large boiler rooms operated by industrial machines.

The versions are different in mechanical design. GSC4N is suitable for fixed mounting in accessible sites. The inspection is carried out on site. GSC4K with its easy assembly and disassembly thanks to its clip attachment is designed for inaccessible places or for places where more frequent replacement of the detector is expected.

Basic technical parameters

Mechanical dimensionsdiam. 56 x 30 mm
Detected gasflammable gases, such as methane, hydrogen, propane, etc.
Standard calibration gasmethane
Detection range0 - 50% LFL
Supply voltage10 - 26 V DC
Current loop voltage10 - 26 V DC