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NZ425 and NZ425-DIN Power Supply

NZ424 If a gas leak detection system based on 4-20 mA current loop is to work autonomously, the detectors can be supplemented with the NZ425 or NZ425-DIN power supply.

The NZ425 power supply is designed to provide supply voltage to one or maximum 4 gas detector units.
The power supply also allows to process the output signal from the detectors. Relays, which are contained on the PCB, provide galvanic isolation of the detector power output.
In the power supply a delay in processing the signal from the detector can be set by the user. User can set up number of connected sensors and level for every output relay.

NZ424-DIN The version NZ425-DIN is different in mechanical design - it is not set in a plastic box. It can be mounted on a DIN rail in a switchboard using its plastic holder. Otherwise, both versions are identical.

Basic technical parameters

Supply voltage230 V AC
Mechanical dimensions NZ425163x133x77 mm (without the holder)
Mechanical dimensions NZ425-DIN154x92x73 mm
Power consumption16VA max
Output voltage24V DC / 0.4A non-stabilized