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Service information

Information about recommended checks, calibrations and information about repairing broken equipment could be find on this page.

Recommended checks and calibration

In order to ensure the correct functioning of the gas detection system or portable detector, we recommend performing functional and calibration tests. A detailed description of the procedures for performing these tests can be found here.

Relatively available equipment may be used to perform the functional test. For calibration tests with flammable gas or CO detectors, however, a suitable calibration gas must be provided. This can be obtained from a company selling technical gases, but it is a relatively expensive matter comparable to the price of detectors. It is therefore advisable to consider economically how many detectors are to be calibrated. The second option is to contact a company in your area that is trained to service our detectors. Last but not least, detectors can also be dismantled and sent to our address J.T.O. System, s.r.o.

If the detector is in good condition and no repair is necessary (eg replacement of the sensor), approximately 280 to 400 CZK (€ 10 to € 15) without VAT (+ postage and packing) is charged for the calibration of one instrument depending on the type of instrument and calibration substance.

For detectors calibrated with non-standard gases, for example refrigerants, hydrogen, xylene vapors and the like, it is not possible to prepare a suitable calibration substance to be transported to the detector site. In these cases it is necessary to send the detectors for calibration to J.T.O. System, s.r.o.

Repair of broken device

In case of malfunctioning or otherwise damaged equipment we carry out repairs of all our manufactured devices, both stationary and portable, including devices where the production of new pieces was stopped or replaced by a new type. In case of repair, we recommend packing the device together with a description of the fault and your contact details. Then send the shipment to our address J.T.O. System, s.r.o. We will contact you if there is any major damage and repairing the device does not make economic sense. Assessment of the device status is free of charge.

The most common defect in both stationary and portable devices is the poisoning of the detector sensor. If the sensor is exposed to a more demanding environment (there are unnatural chemical substances in the air), it will be poisoned and require replacement. The service life of the sensors cannot be precisely estimated in advance. If the detector is located, for example, in a clean boiler room outside the industrial area, the service life of the sensor can be up to 20 years. However, if the detector is located, for example, in a production hall where welding takes place, the service life of the sensor can be only a few months. The cost of detector replacement for detectors is usually between 15 % to 45% of the price of a new detector (depending on the type).

The situation is similar for portable devices. If the grease or water drop gets on the detector sensor or probe while working with the instrument, the sensor may be irreversibly damaged. The batteries should be replaced approximately every five years. The battery life is determined mainly by the detector operating mode. The cost of replacing the GD500 or GD110 battery pack is between 370 and 500 CZK (€ 15 to € 20). For portable devices GD51 and GDCO, the cost of replacing one cell is less than 100 CZK (€ 4).