Portable carbon monoxide detector GDCO

Portable carbon monoxide detector GDCO

GDCO is a single-purpose device for detecting carbon monoxide. The CO presence is signalized acoustically and using two indicator lights for 8 stages of concentration. The unit has fixed batteries that can be recharged by an external AC adapter.

The body of the device has a durable metal construction and it can be easily attached to a belt.

The device can be used especially in an inspection of gas equipment with a danger of flue gas leakage during the combustion process such as boiler rooms, furnaces and other technological applications. The GDCO device is also used as a substitute for common detection tubes. 

Basic technical parameters

Weight approx 200 g
Mechanical dimensions 118 x 62 x 37 mm
Detected gas carbon monoxide
Max. detected concentration up to 240 ppm
Number of detected levels 8 levels