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Refrigerant detector GC20R

JTO The GC20R detector is a stationary electronic device designed to detect the presence of a refrigerant in the air. Its task is to send a timely signal of the refrigerant leaking into the monitored atmosphere. It is designed for the use in industrial and commercial settings to detect a refrigerant based mainly on tetrafluoroethane. In the detector, we use a non-selective heated semiconductor sensor that reacts to the presence of a wide range of refrigerants such as R134A, R404A, R407C, and R410A. Precise adjusting for a specific application is achieved by calibration via required specific controlled substance. The field of application includes refrigeration and air conditioning equipment, various storages, or technological businesses using refrigerants.

The GC20R detector is attached by a slip-on clip and the electronic connection is provided by a connector with a locknut. The detector output can be connected to a suitable higher-level system or if a power supply source NZ23(-DIN) is provided, it can be used for enhancing the output signal in a stand-alone mode.

Basic technical parameters

Supply voltage12 V DC
Mechanical dimensions110x64x35 mm
Detectable refrigerant gasprimarily gases based on tetrafluorethane
Standard calibration gasaccording to customer's requirement
Number of detected levels2

Technical data sheet in PDF format for download here >>PDF list