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Carbon monoxide concentration sensor GSU2N

JTO GSU2N is a simple carbon monoxide concentration sensor. It converts the carbon monoxide concentration in the air to a current signal with a typified range of 4 to 20 mA. The device is very easily assembled by means of two wires with arbitrary polarity. The sensor can be used for a wide range of industrial control devices and control systems.

The sensor function is based on an electrochemical sensing element with enhanced CO selectivity. GSU2N sensors are mainly used in places where the CO concentration needs to be monitored continuously or at multiple levels, especially in garages, technological businesses and in large boiler rooms operated by industrial machines.

Basic technical parameters

Mechanical dimensionsdiam. 56 x 30 mm
Detected gascarbon monoxide
Detection range0 - 300 ppm
System connection2 wires
Supply voltage12 - 30 V DC

Technical data sheet in PDF format for download here >>PDF list