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Fixed detectors

JTO Fixed gas detectors are represented by multiple series of devices.

Flammable gases such as natural gas, LPG, solvent vapors and other flammable substances can be detected in a standard environment using a two-stage GC20P detector or a three-stage GI30W detector. Detector GC20P could be ordered also for 230 V / 50 Hz power supply as GC20P-230V. GSC4 is a sensor for flammable gases with 4-20 mA current loop output.

In places with Zone 2 explosive atmosphere you can use GR31 detectors.

A three-stage GIC40 detector, two-stage GICO20-230V for 230 V / 50 Hz power supply, and 4-20 mA current loop sensor GSU2 are intended for detection of carbon monoxide (CO) in the atmosphere.

A carbon dioxide (CO2) could be detected by two-stage detector GIR80 or sensor GSR8 with 4-20 mA current loop output and 0-10 V voltage output.

A special category is represented by a refrigerant detector GC20R that responds to the filling of the cooling devices based on R134A.

Portable devices

JTO For service and inspection workers, we produce general-purpose detector GD550, a device that allows using interchangeable probes to measure and detect more variables, so that in one practical plastic case, the customer can create a setup according to their own needs. The basic options include: detection of flammable gases and carbon monoxide in the air, measuring pressure and temperature. GD550 can be also suplemented with a sensor for measuring low air pressure (4 Pa test) or with a simple flue gas analyzer.

For boiler rooms or occasional inspections, we can offer a simple single-purpose GD51 and GD52 devices detecting flammable gases or GDCO device detecting carbon monoxide in the air of the room.

Auxiliary components

JTO Fixed detectors can be used separately as input devices connected to the control system. If the detection system is to function independently, the detectors are usually suplemented with the power supply NZ34 or the power supply NZ425, or even sirens and beacons.