Portable flammable gas detector GD52

Portable flammable gas detector GD52

GD52 is simple portable device designed for the detection of flammable gases - especially methane and LPG. The detected concentration is indicated by a column of LEDs and exceeding the preset limit is announced acoustically. The device has fixed batteries that can be recharged by an external AC adapter. GD52 is manufactured with long flexible neck (about 30 cm leng) for measurement in unreachable places.

The device can be used especially in occasional periodic inspections of gas appliances e.g. in boiler rooms etc. 

Basic technical parameters

Weight approx 270 g
Mechanical dimensions body - 119 x 62 x 25, neck - φ8 mm x 300 mm
Detectable gas flammable gases such as methane, hydrogen, propane, etc.
Standard calibration gas methane
Number of detected levels up to 18 levels to 50% LEL


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