Portable flammable gas detector GOFL

Portable flammable gas detector GOFL
  • Portable electronic device for detection of flammable gas leakage into the air
  • Flexible neck with 15 cm length allowing access to hard to reach places
  • Synoptic display
  • Information about current gas concentration in units of \%LFL and ppm
  • Option to switch between methane and propane value displayed
  • Battery status indication
  • Built-in long-life batteries
  • USB-C charging
  • Sound indication of exceeding adjustable level
  • Robust design

The GOFL detector is an instrument designed to detect the leakage of flammable gases into the air in a normal environment. Its main features advantages are easy operation, simple use, small size and good mechanical resistance. The instrument allows the setting of a concentration level, the exceeding of which is indicated by an uninterrupted beeping sound.

A catalytic sensor is used as the detection sensor, which responds to a wide range of combustible gases. The instrument is calibrated to methane as standard and, due to the known sensitivity of the sensor to other gases, allows switching between a methane value or a converted propane value. The instrument is equipped with a backlighted display which shows the current concentration value of the gas being detected. The value is displayed in units of \%LFL (percent lower flammable limit) and in units of ppm. The battery status is also indicated.

A battery is hardwired into the GOFL detector to power the instrument. Recharging of the internal battery can be done using a standard adapter with a USB-C connector.

Basic technical parameters

Weight approx 155 g
Mechanical dimensions body: 50 x 100 x 21 mm, flexible neck with sensor: 150 mm 
Detected gas flammable gases such as methane, hydrogen, propane, butane, etc.
Max. detected concentration 50% LFL e.g. for methane = 2.2% by volume, for propane = 0.85% by volume


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